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 Awaken • Clarify • Empower • Actualize 

I’m a licensed psychotherapist with 17+ years experience in career transitions, executive coaching and life counseling. My client base ranges from CEO’s & business owners across the country to upper management executives in local cities, such as Scottsdale & Phoenix. What I’ve discovered is that we’re all born with a purpose, my job is to help you actualize it. Once you understand that you were born into this world with a specific life direction and purpose, it’s easier to push through your comfort zone and take the steps necessary to transition into the right career.

I have no doubt that you have been successful, but at this time in your career the bigger question tends to be, Am I on the right path in my career or is there a better path for me that would be more fulfilling? At this point in life having a deep sense of meaning and mission from what you accomplish becomes important. If you feel yourself stagnating, going through the motions or feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by your work, you may begin to wonder how much longer you can keep up this pace. Perhaps it’s time to revisit your direction so you can refocus, reset and redesign your target to get the promotion you desire or create your purpose-driven business.

I know you’ve worked tirelessly to get where you are today. Maybe even swapping out a personal life for the acceleration of your career. Although you’ve achieved so much, there’s something deep inside telling you that you’re here to do something more.  I’ll bet this feeling has always been with you and been a driving force to the success you’ve had in your career. Perhaps it’s YOUR time to give yourself the opportunity to discover what you are born to achieve?

I believe you’ve landed on my website for a reason. You’re being called to a different level. So, let me be the first person to welcome you and say if you feel discontent, it’s actually a good sign! It’s an invitation to your next step of personal and professional growth. My job is to be your guide. To help you define your what your next level could be based on the true potential you hold deep within. I call this Purpose-based Transformation. There are 4 Key Elements that are essential to your career success; Awaken, Clarify, Empower & Actualize.

I help clients everyday who are:


Successful in their professional life, but want to make great money doing more purpose-driven work .


Tired of getting passed over for promotions and want to understand how to get unstuck and move to the next level.


Consumed with feelings that they are in the wrong career and aren’t sure which direction to pursue.

If what I’m saying is striking a cord, then let’s connect. I can relate to the circumstances you’re experiencing, because I was there too! Click the button below to learn more about how my process works. Here’s to your success, because the next career transition will be your last!


Executive Coach


Ready to unleash your highest potential and move forward in your career? Are you feeling a call to expand and seeing signs that tell you it’s time for a career advancement? Wth my guidance, you’ll earn how to leverage your expertise and take your career to the next level of impact and income.

Career Transition Counseling


Ready to redefine your career? Do you know you have more to give yet you’re not sure which direction to pursue that would give you the most fulfillment and purpose? Let’s uncover your next steps and work towards defining a career path that can lead you to the achievement of your dreams!

Soul Seekers


Do you feel there is a bigger plan for you? One you can get on track with to a more profound and fulfilling life? Are you feeling a call to explore who you really are and what contribution you came to make on the world? If you know you have a purpose and you’re ready to get on track to living your purpose then click below and let’s get you on track to your soul’s plan!

Life Transitions Counseling


Is your personal life in a major transition? Are you standing at a crossroad you know has the potential to profoundly alter the direction of your life? You may know that you’re ready to change your life, yet feel unsure on what to do that will move you forward and fast. Individual sessions are custom designed based around the transformation and the results you most want to achieve.

Archetype Reading


discover-your-purpose-soul-archetypes-scottsdale-2Discover your LIFE PURPOSE using Archetypes! Do you feel something gnawing at you to uncover your purpose? Would you like to find clarity and direction so you can take the next steps towards a career path that will lead you to achieving your life purpose?  If so, you are in the right place.

The secret to success is aligning what you do with who you really are. You are not here to be more of something that you are not. You are here to be uniquely and divinely you! Yet the challenge is, most of us do not really know who we are. At least not in a way that translates into crafting a specific career path to fulfillment. Using soul archetypes, I will identify your primary gift and how that gift translates into professional success. 


career-counselor-phoenix-kim-pageMy name is Kim Page, I am the founder of the Soul Psychology Institute and the creator of Purpose-based Transformation in Scottsdale. A system that provides clarity, focus and direction for top performing professionals and business owners who are seeking to manifest their truest and highest potential.

Whether you need executive coaching, career transition counseling or life transition counseling, I can help you move forward. Together we will peal back the veil to discover the truth of who you really are and what you can really create…without the fluff.

My approach is not about treating mental illness, but about uncovering the root cause of whatever is holding you back and developing a strategic change strategy to move you forward into a more purposeful — life and business.

With my background in psychotherapy combined with my intuitive abilities I offer piercing insights that accelerate your personal transformation.

~ Testimonials ~

Executive Coaching

“I used Kim Page to do a blueprint analysis on my business.  She properly advised me on the personality traits of my employees.  She was able to tell me their strengths and weaknesses regarding their work abilities.  This was then applied to their job duties.  The use of this knowledge has increased the efficiency and overall production in my office.  The results of applying this knowledge were immediate.  I would definitely recommend her to someone that needs to make their office more efficient.”

  ~ Jake Johnstun, EA, NTPI Fellow

Life Transitional Counseling

“I came to Kim Page during one of the most difficult times in my life. My physical health, emotional health, an spiritual health were all deteriorating rapidly and I felt alone and lost. Our sessions were the highlight of my week, with every session I felt better and better. Through the work we did, I was able change my life. Each session was perfect – addressing exactly what needed to be worked on. I would recommend Kim highly to anyone who wants to heal and truly change their lives forever.”

  ~ Lisa, Scottsdale

Find Your Direction, Change Your Life

You may know that you’re ready to change your life, yet feel unsure on what to do that will move you forward and fast. Individual sessions are custom designed based around the transformation and the results you most want to achieve.

Rise to Your Next Level in Business/Career

Ready to unleash your highest potential and up-level your career? Are you feeling a call to expand and seeing signs that tell you it’s time? Learn how to leverage your expertise and take your career to the next level of impact and income.

Awaken Your True Self

I’ll Show You How

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