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Kim Page, LCSW, MSW works with business leaders and executives to discover and manifest their truest and highest potential. With over a decade of experience practicing clinical holistic psychotherapy, Kim offers uniquely piercing insights that accelerate tangible, “Purpose-based Transformation”. Her service areas include: Career Counseling, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching & Soul Archetype Readings.

“Purpose-based Transformation” is a system Kim Page developed to provide clients clarity, focus and direction for life and business. If you’re an achievement oriented and success driven professional seeking to manifest your true and highest potential, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll not only find Kim Page helping clients locally in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley, but nationally as well using video conferencing.


Kim Page received her Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Utah in 2004 in an accelerate, advanced standing graduate program. She graduated top of her class as an undergraduate at Weber State University, where she received her Bachelors of Science.


The step-by-step system Kim Page uses today came from her work with clients, her own personal self-discovery and her relentless search for the truth.  For over 15 years, Kim has been developing her theories on human behavior and development. She was obsessed with discovering a practical model that highlighted a simple approach to reaching our full potential.

Before branching out to work with career professionals and small business owners, Kim spent years in the clinical field working on women’s issues, relationship counseling, and trauma-based treatments. Her current client list includes executives working for national brands to local business owners.


~ My Life & Career Coaching Process ~

Together we will peal back the veil to discover the truth of who you really are and what you can really create. My approach is not about treating mental illness, but about uncovering the root cause of whatever is holding you back. From there we develop a strategic change strategy to move you forward into a more purposeful life and career.

We’ll focus on practical strategies to solve real problems which will move you forward and fast. I don’t manufacture problems or suggest things you don’t really need. As your guide, we’ll identify with accuracy your hidden blocks and challenges that are holding you back from the level of success you know you can achieve. I will carefully consider where you are and where you want to be and recommend specific steps that are needed by focusing on the most important tasks and details.

Because of my background in psychotherapy combined with my intuitive abilities, I offer piercing insights that accelerate your personal transformation. I am able to observe and assess situations quickly for what needs to change. We move beyond traditional models of thinking and working to develop innovative ideas on how things can be done differently, yet practically to support your goals in both life and business. I am the secret weapon to your success!


Discover Your Unique Gifts and Talents


Identify Your Calling and Your Next Practical Steps


Reach Your Goals Faster


Move Through Life Transitions Successfully


Heal the Influences of the Past So You Move Forward Fast


Move Past Self-Sabotage and Fears


The Next Level is Not Found Through Wishful Thinking

If you want it, you’ll have to seek it. We’ll need to dig deep beyond your current paradigms and uncover how your going to do things differently to get a different result. It’s not about change for change sake, but about finding a strategic change process that identifies what you do well and how that translates into your life and business.

If you’re committed, then so am I! We’ll start with an in-depth soul-profile assessment of your current way of being. This will help you understand what’s standing in your way and how your holding yourself back. We’ll then zero in on specific competencies needed to embody a new way of being and unleash your full potential. Through custom designed practices we work to awaken your inner talents and resources so you can bring more of who you are to your life and business, therefore creating a ripple effect in your income and impact.

The challenges you face are divinely timed to awaken the truth of who you are and the fullness of your purpose. Let’s work together, so you can step forward into the correct career path and achieve the bigger vision of your life.

~ This Crossroads Could Be The Greatest Opportunity of Your Life ~


Many of my clients get promotions within 90 days, see an increase in their income from $20K – $100K a year and start the business of their dreams.

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