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Build a Career Path Based on Your Strengths

Are you unhappy in your career? Do you feel unfulfilled with your current position and know, deep down, there is another career path you should be pursuing? Are you missing the clarity on exactly what that career is and how to get there? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may be in a position that is focusing on your weaknesses instead of your strengths!

build-career-path-career-counselor-scottsdaleMany people come into my Scottsdale office for career coaching unaware that they are in a field that uses more of what they aren’t instead of WHAT THEY ARE. And it’s really not their fault. When were children, we’re always asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Although a nobel question, many of us are preconditioned to answer: a doctor, a lawyer, a policewoman, etc. Heck, for some people, they really already know!

But most times, even by adult-hood, we still haven’t identified what our true gifts and natural strengths are, so we take a good-paying job with a lot of responsibility. We end up crushing goals, working longer hours and ultimately become a successful top performer. The ride may be great for a few years until you become exhausted, stressed-out and then feel unfilled.

You see, it becomes harder to gain success and feel fulfilled when you’re in a career that’s not aligned with your strengths. Each of us have our own unique, natural challenges and weaknesses. If we don’t understand what those are we begin to deflect opportunities, positions & promotions. A negative attitude may even cross over into our relationships at work.

executive-coach-scottsdale-find-career-pathIn contrast, when you are in a career that highlights your strengths, you are your authentic self! Being “authentic” means being your true self. It’s bringing gifts and talents from the shadows and letting people see what you’re passionate about. By taking off the mask, you operate from a place of authenticity. Approaching work from this place not only helps you find your true self, but puts you on the right career path. Success and accolades come naturally when your tapping into your true gifts. The exhaustion falls away because your so passionate and “in love” with your work. In essence, everything flows with ease.

My challenge to you today, is to really think about your career path. Because if the work your doing is tiring and just not lighting you up inside, maybe your in a career that is NOT building on your strengths. When you live your life with purpose from your inner being, everything is seamless. Work becomes easier, money begins to flow and relationships blossom.

I specialize in helping people identify their natural talents, so they approach a career from a soul-driven path! If you’d like help finding your strengths and gifts, LET’S CHAT!


Many of my clients get promotions within 90 days, see an increase in their income from $20K – $100K a year and start the business of their dreams.