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My name is Kim Page, if you’re ready to unleash your potential and up-level your career with executive coaching that works? If you’re a top performing individual, you may already feel a call to expand or see signs that indicate it’s time to make a career move.


Sabotaging Success: Have You Lost Your Success Mojo?

Many executives come into my Scottsdale office as high achieving top performers, who have lost their mojo in their career. I’m here to tell you it’s okay! It’s extremely common to hit a phase in your career where you feel totally disconnected from what has made you successful in the past. Actually, to be honest, the number one reason my phone rings is to help successful professionals find their mojo again and move up the corporate ladder! Although every career and individual is unique, life has a way of burying all of us. Especially top performers! If you are aContinue readingSabotaging Success: Have You Lost Your Success Mojo?


Build a Career Path Based on Your Strengths

Are you unhappy in your career? Do you feel unfulfilled with your current position and know, deep down, there is another career path you should be pursuing? Are you missing the clarity on exactly what that career is and how to get there? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may be in a position that is focusing on your weaknesses instead of your strengths! Many people come into my Scottsdale office for career coaching unaware that they are in a field that uses more of what they aren’t instead of WHAT THEY ARE. And it’s reallyContinue readingBuild a Career Path Based on Your Strengths


How Your Inner Saboteur Can Help You Grow

As much as we try to deny it, we all have an inner saboteur. It’s a part of yourself that is resistant to opportunity, whether it be positive or negative. It reflects fear about taking responsibility and staying onto your path and turns many situations into survival fear. Your inner saboteur is the loud roar or whiny voice that gets in your way when you’re trying to make changes. Many of my clients, in Scottsdale, Arizona, are unaware of their inner saboteur. They ultimately end up doubting, challenging and questioning the life or career path they are heading, only toContinue readingHow Your Inner Saboteur Can Help You Grow