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Kim Page hosts Soul Seeker’s Sunday at 10MT on FaceBook Live. Each broadcast focuses on a specific topic from how to find your life purpose to blocks that prevent you from moving forward.


Let Crisis Ignite Evolution

Whether financial or emotional, there isn’t a person today, who hasn’t been impacted by the Coronavirus. From employees to entrepreneurs and large corporations to small businesses, it’s so easy to let crisis fuel fear. People are understandably concerned about money, security, health and safety. As a career coach who specializes in helping clients from Scottsdale to Phoenix find their soul purpose, I’m challenging them to use this crisis towards their benefit and turn inward. While I am in no way minimizing this affects of this pandemic, I also think its important to not let this crisis paralyze the personal growthContinue readingLet Crisis Ignite Evolution


How Your Inner Saboteur Can Help You Grow

As much as we try to deny it, we all have an inner saboteur. It’s a part of yourself that is resistant to opportunity, whether it be positive or negative. It reflects fear about taking responsibility and staying onto your path and turns many situations into survival fear. Your inner saboteur is the loud roar or whiny voice that gets in your way when you’re trying to make changes. Many of my clients, in Scottsdale, Arizona, are unaware of their inner saboteur. They ultimately end up doubting, challenging and questioning the life or career path they are heading, only toContinue readingHow Your Inner Saboteur Can Help You Grow


How Resistance Stops You From Fulfilling Your Soul Purpose

Hello friends. Today I want to share with you the number one challenge I see from clients, in Scottsdale, who want to step into their purpose, but can’t. RESISTANCE! While that doesn’t sound bad, it’s amazing how this unconscious feeling sabotages growth & keeps them from fulfilling their purpose. For most of us, the environment we’ve created around us is not a true representation of who we really are. Furthermore, the way we’ve trained our relationships or the way we are functioning in relationships is often a facade. Many times we exist outside the true expression of whom we reallyContinue readingHow Resistance Stops You From Fulfilling Your Soul Purpose