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Executive Coaching for Top Performers

~ When you want to go the next level without getting burnt out. ~



Top performers (aka: high achievers) are some of my favorite clients. Perhaps it’s because as a top performer myself, I understand your inner drive to achieve and I absolutely respect that as a group of individuals – you want to make a BIG difference in the world. Top performers are disciplined! They are professionals, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, corporate executives, business owners and visionaries. Throughout my 17 years of executive coaching, I’ve noticed similar patterns and blocks that prevent individuals and businesses in this group from moving to their next level of performance. Although top performers know exactly what they want, often times they hit a wall in achieving the right results. Or they’re ready for the next adventure and need success strategies to guide their way.

That’s where I come in. You see, to rise to your next level of performance,  you’ll have to align with your highest self to get on the right path. Together, in our executive coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to leverage the expertise that will take your career to the next level of impact and income WITHOUT OVERWORKING.

Are You a Top Performer?



Find the way you tick is through achievement, but have a tendency to always be restless and crave more fulfillment.

Always striving to attain big goals. Not satisfied with the status quo.

Focused on crushing your goals and overcoming your challenges.

Designed to get to the top and not settle for less.

Tendency to work a lot, over-commit and can handle a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.

Willing to do the work & strive for perfection.

 Often feel like you are working hard but not quite getting the results you want or deserve given how hard you work.

Measure your success based on if your meeting your ‘next level’ goals.

Tendency to exhaust yourself by pushing your self too far and taking on too much and this can lead to beginning to feel burned out.

 Deeper need to feel appreciated, that your work offers value and makes a difference.

Have a long to-do list of things you want to accomplish, which can often leave you feeling overwhelmed and as if you’re under performing.

 Tendency to work, work, work and can find that your personal life is under performing as all your attention goes to work.

Individuals & businesses seek my executive coaching expertise
when they need a BETTER WAY of BEING SUCCESSFUL.

We all know you work hard. But what you get here won’t get you to what’s next. Your next level will require you to awaken your true-self, so that you can achieve your soul purpose and rise to the next level. By learning to let go of who you ‘think’ you are, you give yourself permission to become what you truly are meant to be.


How to stop postponing work


Learn how to get more out of your day and life by creating alignment and flow.


How to be more productive, not just busy


Learn how to achieve by aligning with your higher self


Discover who your soul archetype is to understand HOW you are designed to achieve


Learn your innate strengths & challenges



Did you know top performers bring 400% more productivity than non-top performers?

Together, we’ll shed the layers of untruth and the stories that accompany them that hold you back. You’ll learn how to care for and accept yourself as a whole including the struggles, inconsistencies and frustrations. It’s the only way to move forward to a new level of self-realization & actualization. In other words, I’m going to help you get out of your own way!

Without awakening your next level is blocked. I’ll guide you or your team on how to shift your way of being to move into an authentic self-expression and natural achieving style.

~ This Opportunity has the Potential to Change Your Life ~


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