Find The Right Career By Finding Your True Self

Finding Your True Self

Today, I want to talk about finding the right career and finding your true self. The true self is your inner being. Something that many people seek, but don’t understand they’re already on the journey. If we listen to our inner being we’ll receive instructions on how to proceed forward in our lives and how to handle challenges. Sounds easy, RIGHT? The trick is to listen to this inner being and build a connection deep inside so we can gleam from its wisdom and  follow instructions. Because when you know your true self, you know the career path you’re supposed to be on. This is where enlightenment comes from.

When someone knows their true-self, their vibration increases and things begin to change. Manifestation happens quicker, opportunities come easier and prosperity rises.

find-your-true-self-find-right-career-path-kim-pageSome people also affectionately refer to this as your “Soul Purpose” or “Life Purpose”. Many of my career coaching clients come to me for guidance on finding the right career; however aren’t even aware that they’re missing an aspect of their soul. If part of your authentic self is hidden or blocked on an astral level it causes confusion, anxiety and uncertainty on a physical level. That means you feel stuck in a career, live in doubt or are totally lost.

Being “authentic” means being your true self. It means bringing gifts and talents from the shadows and letting people see what you’re passionate about. By taking off the mask, you operate from a place of authenticity. Approaching life from this place not only helps you find your true self, but puts you on the right career path.

About 10 years ago, I developed the Purposed Based Transformation Program for clients. This system makes finding yourself much clearer to comprehend. Using what I refer to as “Soul Archetypes“, I identify with each client two Soul Archetypes. Each archetype reflects a client’s true gifts and energies reflected deep within them. We talk about why these gifts and talents are being suppressed and how bringing them out will translate into living your soul purpose.

By doing this together you’ll not only find your true self, but also the right career. Each of these archetypes have specific meanings for a client to achieve their next level, the next career and their life purpose. Remember, when you’re not on track with your soul, life will give you a wake up call. Many times that results in conflict, stress, financial strain, confusion, and discomfort.

The physical realm has to recover from spiritual changes. The physical body wants to keep up with the vibrational changes; however if you have a lot of doubts about fear or uncertainty then you’ll be blocked. Blocked from rising to a higher vibration and blocked from finding your true self.

You have to embrace the qualities of love, compassion and trust. Trust the process. As each of us evolve and grow into these archetypes, we can express our true self then we become the person who can carry out our purpose into the world. This will take you to the right career path.



  1.  Inner being has to AWAKEN to your strength and honesty.
  2.  True self has CLARITY of our purpose.
  3.  EMPOWERMENT means your in a space of trusting yourself & divine.
  4.  True self has to be ACTUALIZED.


I hope this helps you understand how important the connection between Finding Your True Self and Finding the Right Career Path really is. When you live your life with purpose from your inner being, everything is seamless. Work becomes easier, money begins to flow and relationships blossom. If you’d like to learn more about my services and the different SOUL ARCHETYPES, click here.