How Resistance Stops You From Fulfilling Your Soul Purpose

Empower & End Resistance

Hello friends. Today I want to share with you the number one challenge I see from clients, in Scottsdale, who want to step into their purpose, but can’t. RESISTANCE! While that doesn’t sound bad, it’s amazing how this unconscious feeling sabotages growth & keeps them from fulfilling their purpose.

For most of us, the environment we’ve created around us is not a true representation of who we really are. Furthermore, the way we’ve trained our relationships or the way we are functioning in relationships is often a facade. Many times we exist outside the true expression of whom we really are. I seen it my clients both personally & professionally. For example, maybe you’re in career that is paying the bills, but leaving you void on the inside. Or maybe you feel something more meaningful is within your reach, yet you’re unsure of how to attain it.


Naturally, you begin to move toward fulfilling your soul purpose; however feel as if you’re actually going against the grain of how you function in your daily life. Makes perfect sense, right? Since you’ve been living out of the element of your personal truth, you’re going against the grain when you try to get your life back on track.

That’s when you hit resistance from the outside. You may experience “Blank Brain”, which is where you move forward and then your brain goes blank. You forget what your supposed to do next. You may even do repetitive tasks & behaviors that keep you busy, but aren’t necessarily productive. All of these things are called resistance.

Sigmund Freud called resistance an “unconscious death wish”. What he meant is that a resistance force is ignited within us. In other words, as you move towards fulfilling your soul purpose this force grows, expands, & gets bigger and heavier. It pulls you back from what you really want to do. It will prevent you from having a positive impact on your life and the lives of those around you. He spoke about the “unconscious death wish” because there is a fear of showing people who you really are & expressing your natural talents. There is a fear that your inner world will implode if you fulfill your soul purpose. It’s the same kind of thinking we had about the world being flat. So, what most people do is listen to the resistance and fear. They force themselves to stay within comfortable limitations.

I want you to understand that resistance is something you’ll experience as you’re moving towards your soul purpose. As you’re inspired & completing your vision, resistance will be its strongest when you’re approaching the finish line. Resistance will try to convince you that your goal is not a true possibility. Resistance comes out as FEAR, which keeps you from fulfilling your soul purpose. Fear will project self-doubt. You’ll start thinking, it’s just not the right time or that you need to wait until you’re in a better financial position. So naturally, you pull back, lose confidence and start doing for other people instead of doing for yourself.

However, the yearning to fulfill your soul purpose NEVER goes away. I know, because I meet with women, well into their 70’s, that still have these urges to follow their inner voice. Fear has only quieted the dissatisfaction, nudges and whispers. In essence, you’ve only disconnected from your true voice. What you need to understand is how to fulfill your soul purpose.

You need to find & cultivate the courage to follow and commit to your true calling. The courage to really seek your purpose without apology. I view courage as a muscle that we all develop. The more and more actions we take with that courage the more it becomes CONFIDENT. The courage is what helps pull you through the resistance and helps you stay committed to the plan. Courage will push you to get back out their next week so you can get results toward fulfilling your soul purpose.

My parting for you is don’t let the resistance get you down. Acknowledge the resistance and realize it’s a strong force. Acknowledge that it is a part of you. That there is an internal conflict occurring within you as you move forward. Courage is when we are scared, but we’re doing it anyway. Notice the resistance, but don’t let it stop you! If you’d like to learn more about my services or talk to me about FULFILLING YOUR SOUL PURPOSE, give me a ring: (801) 726-1849.