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How to Be Successful

Avoid Disconnection From Success

Hi friends, my name is Kim Page. I’ve been practicing psychotherapy for more than 17 years. During that time I’ve helped thousands of top performers and high achievers find their authentic self. Although top performers are extremely successful, somewhere down the line they lost their mojo or magic. While that may sound ironic, given their success, it’s much more common than you think.

During my sessions with top performing clients, I began to see patterns. Something that each of them was repeating causing them to be disconnected from success. While it wasn’t obvious to them, it was immediately apparent to me. What’s more interesting is that these patterns were preventing them success. It’s as if life got in the way and caused their disconnection. Regardless of their profession or position, I have coached Arizona real estate agents, business owners and corporate executives with tremendous success.

Although everyone’s life path is unique, there are many common situations that cause disconnection. The root cause may be something that happened in a past-life or consistent exposure to a toxic environments. Once we identify the root cause, we begin moving you along your soul path. These ultimately lead to the choices that will liberate your career and life.

Some topics we discuss in my client sessions:

• How to achieve success
• Why you feel buried in life
• Why you feel lost and out of touch
• How to be authentic and find your true self
• What roles you’re hiding behind
• What’s causing you to get stuck in life patterns
• How to stop pleasing people and fin your success to strategy
• We will talk about how to find the opportunities that fit you.
• How to avoid toxic environments
• Discuss what patterns exist in your life that are keeping you from success.
• Address your soul evolution in this lifetime as well as past
• How to grow into the right soul pattern.

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