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How Your Inner Saboteur Can Help You Grow

As much as we try to deny it, we all have an inner saboteur. It’s a part of yourself that is resistant to opportunity, whether it be positive or negative. It reflects fear about taking responsibility and staying onto your path and turns many situations into survival fear. Your inner saboteur is the loud roar or whiny voice that gets in your way when you’re trying to make changes.

Many of my clients, in Scottsdale, Arizona, are unaware of their inner saboteur. They ultimately end up doubting, challenging and questioning the life or career path they are heading, only to stop progressing. Essentially they’ve listened to the inner saboteur and gotten in their own way.


If you can identify what the inner saboteur is attempting to do, you can navigate around those natural stopping blocks and use this voice to help you grow. I know you’re familiar with the voice of the inner saboteur. It is constant nagging, repetitive voice asking questions such as: “What if this doesn’t work out?” It’s the part of ourselves that is extremely judgmental and very stubborn.

The core issue of the saboteur is that it’s afraid of initiating change. It can range from something small, such as you going to meet your friends for coffee and the inner saboteur telling you “Oh, I don’t know where that is!” OR “What if you get lost?” to something big like a career change.

It’s actually a signal to know that you are on the right track for bigger change. As you get closer to change the inner saboteur starts nagging louder, becomes repetitive and is judgmental. Your inner saboteur is stubborn because he/she fears change, thus doing everything to STOP it!

career-coach-scottsdale-phoenixThe saboteur will make you worry that if there’s change, “people won’t love you anymore”, “things are going to be different”, “you’re not going to be happy”. It believes that if it can get in your own way, the process of “CHANGE WILL STOP!” The goal of the inner saboteur is to get you to settle for ordinary, so you don’t have to make any big moves or changes. It looks for evidence to not take that opportunity, to justify the reasons to not change and lead you towards a path of stagnation.

The purpose of the saboteur is to show you HOW YOU GET IN YOUR OWN WAY. It will help you understand how you tie your shoe laces together and stumble over yourself. If you understand this process, you can us the inner voice to your own advantage and say NO, I’m not going to listen!

My challenge for you…the next time you hear those nagging voices, see if you can figure out the common thread then flip the script and use your inner saboteur to help you grow! If you’d like to learn more about your inner saboteur by working with me, fill out the form and let’s have a chat.


Many of my clients receive promotions within 90 days, see an increase in their income from $20K – $100K a year or start the business of their dreams.