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Discover Your Life Purpose Using Archetypes


Dear soul seeker,

Are you ready to discover who you are and how your natural strengths and talents translate into your life’s purpose? Would you like to find clarity and direction so you can take those next steps towards defining a career path that will lead you to achieving your life purpose? If so, you are in the right place.

You know the secret to success is aligning what you do with who you really are. You are not here to be more of something that you are not. You are here to be uniquely and divinely you! Yet the challenge is, most of us do not really know who we are. At least not in a way that translates into crafting a specific path to fulfillment.

best-self-bury-true-self-kim-pageI see people from all walks of life who are trying to figure out how to be more fulfilled, more in sync with their life, more connected in their relationships and more able to make money. Yet I found most people were struggling to even be in a relationship with themselves, yet alone one with their own life.

You see, when the desire for more shows up, it means a significant change is trying to take place. If you take this time to really redefine who you are you can give yourself the opportunity to discovered a unique, specific design that is woven into our way of being in the world or what I call — your inner potential.

This inner potential is a unique blueprint that will allow you to see a more true sense of who you are and gives you more clarity and directions for your specific path to higher fulfillment and higher income. Now you can shift your lives, using this personal guide in unbelievable ways. Armed with this information, my clients started getting promotions, finding their soul-mates, expanding their business, even doubling the income. The results were exciting. I knew I was onto something.

find-life-purpose-be-happyAfter seeing the same patterns within the people I was working with for over a seventeen years, I created a system of Soul Archetypes that have become a mirror of your truest and highest potential. This is a system designed to help you lead a more empowered way of being in both your life and career. You too can change your life and live a more empowered leadership that unlocks the potential within you. Let me show you how.


We begin by scheduling an Intensive VIP Group Session which will help you identify your primary gift and how that gift translates into professional success.

These archetypes embody your soul’s energy in a snapshot to help you understand what it means in your career and the evolution of your life purpose.

kim-page-archetype-reading-find-true-selfIn this intensive VIP session we will identify your highest and truest potential as well as the blocks that are keeping you from reaching your life purpose. I’ll identify  the SPECIAL TALENTS that are waiting for you and unique gifts that could easily ignite professional success. You’ll also learn what SELF-DEFEATING TENDENCIES exist in your personality that hold you back to sabotage your true-self.

Once you understand what archetypes play a primary role in your soul, you can take those next steps towards defining a career path that will lead you to achieving your life purpose.






A Sage thrives when they in a problem-solving work environment where they are challenged to see beyond the seemingly obvious limitations. The Sage struggles when they feel the need to keep their wisdom to themselves.




The Empress/Emperor is the rebel with a cause who’s designed for a career where they can think outside the box. They do best when they’re not confined by obligations and “should’s.”




A High Priestess/Priest craves to do work where they can lead others with sound strategies toward their highest achievable vision. When they doesn’t feel deserving, they’ll limits their power.




A Messenger is a master communicator who offers a clear, authentic perspective to others. If they are uncomfortable with their feelings or the value of their message, they won’t claim the success they deserves.




Relationship-building is the Healer’s greatest strength, and they excel at sales and networking. The parts of the Healer that feel wounded and unloved will keep the, from flourishing if left unhealed.




The Queen/King is a natural trainer who loves
bringing out the best in others and creating harmonious teams. When they feel undeserving of success, they will hinder the assertiveness they need to be successful.




The Alchemist has a knack for turning creative ideas
into practical products and services. They need a healthy outlet for their strong emotions and creativity so they work with and not against them.




Where the Shaman goes, their community
flourishes—when they find a productive outlet for their naturally nurturing nature, that is. Without a healthy work-life balance, their dedication can become an addiction.

~ You Might Be Surprised At Who You REALLY Are ~

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