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Let Crisis Ignite Evolution

Igniting Evolution in Times of Crisis

Whether financial or emotional, there isn’t a person today, who hasn’t been impacted by the Coronavirus. From employees to entrepreneurs and large corporations to small businesses, it’s so easy to let crisis fuel fear. People are understandably concerned about money, security, health and safety. As a career coach who specializes in helping clients from Scottsdale to Phoenix find their soul purpose, I’m challenging them to use this crisis towards their benefit and turn inward.

scottsdale-coach-career-transitions-phoenixWhile I am in no way minimizing this affects of this pandemic, I also think its important to not let this crisis paralyze the personal growth my clients have made. NOR SHOULD YOU. Instead of sitting around waiting for direction, take this opportunity to get innovative and do some soul searching. Think deeply about projects you’ve been wanting to start and learn how to bring those ideas to fruition.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. says that “Crisis Ignites Evolution”. In other words…”with the world in total crisis, from an evolutionary standpoint, we are exactly where we need to be”.
What if each of us are here right now because we’re pushed towards a rebirth in career or life?

What a refreshing perspective. I challenge each of you to think deeply about your current career path, passions and relationships. Maybe your soul knows that something isn’t right and the universe is trying to ignite something from within. While this isn’t an easy time for a lot of people, let’s turn this catastrophe from limitations to freedom within. With all the distractions removed, there isn’t a better time to jump in and start something new.

In my practice…

I routinely encounter executives holding themselves back. In fact, I’ve seen it so much that I group these behaviors into 3 common strategies. If you’re struggling to move forward or transition in your career, you probably demonstrate one of these 3 strategies. If you’d like to learn more about my services or talk to me about FULFILLING YOUR SOUL PURPOSE, give me a ring: (801) 726-1849.

One of my specialties is helping clients find their soul purpose to fulfill their life work! If you’d like help finding your mojo, LET’S CHAT!

Many of my clients get promotions within 90 days, see an increase in their income from $20K – $100K a year and start the business of their dreams.


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