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Do you feel there is a bigger plan for you? One that can get you on track towards a more profound and fulfilling life. Are you feeling a call to explore who you really are, but need guidance on finding your true self? If you know you’re not living your life purpose and your soul keeps yearning for growth, then you’re a SOUL SEEKER.

life-transition-personal-counselingMy name is Kim Page, I’m a Scottsdale based psychotherapist with a gift of helping clients find their true self. Whether you’re floating through life feeling disconnected or emotionless because you’re constantly accommodating everyone else’s needs, I can help you excavate the soul and uncover why you’re constantly hiding behind a mask. My soul seeker techniques identify the blocks which constantly leave you hiding behind your false self. These are tested methods that put you on the path towards living your life purpose with authenticity and clarity.

Our monthly soul seeker sessions guide you through identifying why you’re stuck. We’ll focus on key aspects of your personality so you can grow personally, yet change with different energy patterns to maximize cycles. This puts you on a trajectory towards being your true self and living your life purpose.

I’ve seen clients come in wearing multiple masks, yet within a few months discover what experiences in their childhood blocked them from living their true self. They swapped living in fear for living life effortlessly. If you want to take off the mask and discover your life purpose, sign up for my monthly soul seeker sessions today!





Pretend we have it together and everything is perfect. Everything is perfect on a spiritual level, overly friendly and fake smiles.

Leads to feeling like a fraud, comparison to others as they have it perfectly, shameful and sad. Remedy by being vulnerable and sharing our struggles and imperfections, shortcomings.




Strong even when everything is falling apart. Self independence run wild!

When you wear the strong persona mask, you will be strong for everyone else and pretend everything is great. This false self will hide your fears, hopes and hurts to prevent anyone else from knowing what truly is going on in your life. 




Praised for being the smart kid. Very
important intellectual contributor.

You typically self-doubt yourself. Deep down inside you feel like an imposter with a gnawing feeling that you’re not perfect or superior. Relaxing is very difficult for someone wearing the smart persona mask. Especially when it comes to being able to relax.




People pleaser. Keep people around at all costs to yourself — especially sacrificing your own happiness.

Fear if you put own needs first, would alienate those around you and end up lonely. You never say no. Because you avoid conflict, you are afraid to stand up to people. Often complain about others not treating you right; however you continue giving to them. 




Snarl and grumble at people. Just plain mean and often put others down.

Your intimidation tactic overcompensates for lack of confidence. The macho behavior which translates to bully or aggressiveness is used to protect your fragile self esteem. Stop projecting your own painful experiences onto people.

Are you ready to take off the mask and find your true self?


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