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If you’ve arrived here, you are most likely a highly-successful, smart woman who is proud of all you have achieved. But, from where you stand today and despite all your success, you feel stuck.

Perhaps you’re getting passed over for promotions, have a sense you might be in the wrong career or maybe the work you’re doing is no longer lighting you up and it’s time to breathe new life into the vision you have of your future.

which-career-path-career-counseling-scottsdale-phoenixYou may see the reigns of your destiny in the distance, but have no idea how to stretch far enough to grab them, take control, and steer your life and career in the direction you want it to go.

Sure, you’ve learned to play the business game – very well. And it got you further compared to most. BUT, it may not have necessarily FELT good. Maybe you believed in order to “make it” in a man’s world, you needed to hide the softer aspects of yourself, adopting masculine behaviors and working long hours believing that all this production would continue to pay off.

Working endless hours with little personal life certainly may have accelerated you along your career path, but at a HIGH cost. BURN OUT. NO FREE TIME. Uncertainty about your future.

If what I’m sharing is striking a chord, it’s because…

I Know You

I See You

I Have Been You


life-transition-personal-counselingI’m Kim Page, and seven years ago, I found myself experiencing an existential crisis. My life and business looked great on paper, but it didn’t feel good. I was dissatisfied, exhausted and completely confused on what to do next. I wondered (and worried) if I had wasted my valuable time investing in college and my career only to realize it wasn’t what I wanted.

If you’re like me at that time, you are most likely standing at a crossroad as well – facing two choices.

You can take the familiar path. Continue to try to use your business smarts and savviness to push through and figure it out on your own – just like you have always done.


Allow yourself to be expertly guided to the very core of who you really are – so you can become who you need to be in order to carry and BIRTH your purpose into the world

HERE’S THE THING: All the time, money and energy you have invested to get this far is not wasted. You’ve learned valuable lessons and gained incredible skills.

best-career-coach-phoenix-scottsdaleYou see, what I did not realize when I went through my own career crisis, was that my life and business was actually going through a radical shift that would align me in a new way to doing what I loved…in ways I could have never hoped for or dreamed of!

So the fact that you’re stuck, well, it’s actually a GOOD sign. It means you have HUGE desires and are ready for a change!

I eventually pulled myself through to the other side, to the point where every aspect and decision I now make in my life and business are fully aligned and anchored in my truth. But before I got there, I was paying multiple 10’s of thousands of dollars to mentors who were not helping me get any further.


When I reflected on how I got stuck in the first place (so I could support my clients with this), I realized there were three KEY pieces of the purpose puzzle that my mentors kept missing:



Not knowing who you really are



Confusion about your true purpose in life



The challenge of trying to push through resistance/blocks on your own

Once I started including these 3 key pieces in my coaching programs – my clients began to SOAR!

Check out what happened for two of my clients:


I created a program, based on personal & real world experience, that includes all of the KEY elements essential to your career success. Remember, many people need a transformation before their next transition.

Here’s how we’re going to get you unstuck…and on the right track again:



Many women I meet don’t know their true self. Instead, they’ve modeled others to create their vision of success.



So many people get stuck here and are unable to move forward when they try to do this on their own.



To implement and move forward with birthing your purpose requires immense courage and Faith to fully “lock it in”.



This phase is about creating strong anchors in your life that will keep you connected to your truth and purpose for a lifetime.



So many women I meet don’t know their true self. You might be one of them. Perhaps you evolved into a SELF based on who you thought you should be, but it’s not your true essence. Observing what you admired in others and adopting what seemed to work for them.

Which never works out – because it’s not YOU.

My job is to see about you what you cannot see yourself. So you first need to discover who you are on an intellectual level. That journey begins in the AWAKEN Phase. As the name implies, this is where you will “wake up” and discover who you really are. No more modeling others to create your success. Here we will create a model of your TRUE self at your core!

In my 17 years as a psychoanalyst, I developed and worked extensively with a system of Archetypes designed to accurately reveal your personal strengths, challenges, gifts and how this can be applied to your professional success.

Along with Archetypes, we will also be working with another tool known as the Akashic Records. Your Records are essentially the blueprint of your soul, providing ancient wisdom and answers to questions you’ve had your entire life.

When I access your records, we’ll be able to see your Karmic blocks (blocks from past lifetimes) which are energies, karmic crimes and choices that began in previous lifetimes that are continuing to operate at an unconscious level in your life today,

Once this phase is complete, you will have a crystal clear Energy Profile of your true self. Your fullest potential that has been laying dormant – can now be awakened. You are no longer driving your life based on survival, money and fear of the future. Instead, you are effortlessly steering it based on your Divine gifts and potential.



It’s such an exciting time when you’re on the path to discovering your purpose, but many people get confused and have specific questions. This is why CLARITY is key! Based on what got revealed in phase 1 (Awaken), we will take an even deeper dive into your Akashic Records and astrological chart to support really honing in and defining your purpose.

This phase is crucial. So many people get stuck here and are unable to move forward when they try to do this on their own. Without expert guidance, you will continue to spin on the hamster wheel of indecision, never sure what is the right and next move.

By the end of this phase, you will have a solid, written document of exactly what your purpose is or what the next phase of your purpose is meant to be. We will have checked all the important boxes so you can easily see the path ahead and feel confident how and when to move forward.



You might think now that you have “woken up”, released indecision and know your purpose your good to go. I invite you to think again.

To implement and move forward with birthing your purpose requires immense courage and Faith to fully “lock it in”. At this stage, people often forget the insecurities and resistance that surface when you are about to step into your magnificence.

Change is a BIG deal. And we humans tend to love our comfort zone!

To truly LIVE your purpose, we need to stretch you beyond your comfort zone so you can reach far enough and grab hold of the reigns of your destiny in a more permanent way.

Simply knowing your purpose is not enough. We need to keep any ego-driven fears and doubts in check so they no longer hold you back (like they have in the past) and continue to catapult you forward rooted in spiritual principles and your true self.

Upon completion of this phase, you will have fully integrated and embraced your purpose and be EMPOWERED to confidently carry it out into the world.



When we begin to lead our lives from the truth in our hearts, there can be bumps along the way. This phase is about creating strong anchors in your life that will keep you connected to your truth and purpose for a lifetime.

You will need support with staying on track, in alignment and making sure you maintain a realistic work/ life balance along the way. This phase of support is designed to “seal the deal” and set you up for permanent success.

Whether you are writing a book or ramping up your speaking career, I will be supporting you with creating new habits that align with your goals and help you to continually step into higher levels of leadership with ease and grace.

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