My 15 years experience practicing psychotherapy combined with intuitive focus are just a couple of reasons why I am able to observe and assess situations with clients quickly. Whether you need EXECUTIVE COACHING, CAREER COUNSELING, SOUL SEARCHING or LIFE TRANSITIONS COUNSELING, I am here to help. We’ll focus on practical strategies to solve real problems that move you forward and fast! I DON’T MANUFACTURE PROBLEMS OR SUGGEST THINGS YOU DON’T REALLY NEED.


“My name is Marybeth, I struggled with anxiety and self-doubt before meeting with Kim. I had a successful web design/ SEO company that was morphing into something I was unsure I could handle. Kim did a Soul Archetype reading for me and confirmed that the anxiety I was feeling was because I was resisting stepping into my life purpose. Since working with her the anxiety is gone and my net income has increased by 30%”

– Marybeth, Scottsdale

Soul Archetype Reading

“I came to Kim Page during one of the most difficult times in my life. My physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health were all deteriorating rapidly and I felt alone and lost. Our sessions were the highlight of my week, with every session I felt better and better. Through the work we did, I was able change my life. Each session was perfect – addressing exactly what needed to be worked on. I would recommend Kim highly to anyone who wants to heal and truly change their lives forever.”

– Lisa, Scottsdale

Life Transitional Counseling

“Joining Kim’s program was the catalyst I needed to begin to create new possibilities in my career and as a mother. Kim has been a light in my life to help me find my way, discover my gifts and step into a fuller expression of who I really am. I would recommend Kim to anybody.”

– Jamie, Scottsdale

Soul Searching

“Kim is brilliant. She identified my personal Archetypes, which accurately defined my relationship with money.  Kim helped me realize the frustration I was feeling in my business was coming from not charging appropriately for my services, which was leaving me feeling resentful and dissatisfied.

I restructured my fees and within 5 minutes of completing this exercise, I received a call from a new client who had found me through my website.  I confidently explained my fees and without hesitation, I gained a new client!  I want to say a big thank you to Kim for her knowledge and support!

– Colleen, Scottsdale

Executive Coaching

Kim Page has been instrumental in getting me to make positive changes in my private practice. Some of these changes I have been thinking about doing for years but was too nervous to take the leap and I didn’t have the confidence because if it didn’t work out it would have been a financial disaster.

With her guidance, I took the leap. Although she got me to the point where it no longer felt like a leap of faith but something I needed to do and I felt confidant enough to do it. It has been the best thing I have done for my business since starting it 11 years ago. The results have been more freedom in my schedule and an increase in income.

– Karen, Salt Lake City

Career Transition Counseling

“It has been a blessing beyond belief to have had the opportunity and experience to work with Kim. I have been able to create a whole new reality with the tools, information, meditations and encouragement I have learned and experienced from Kim.  She has assisted me to release blocks that I didn’t even know existed in my life so that I could move forward, after being stuck and not going anywhere for a few years. Kim has taught me how to plant seeds, have clear intentions, set and achieve my goals.

I have learned how to create inner peace, build healthier relationships, visualize what I want to manifest. How to get moving and take action and (my favorite part) to celebrate my success. Kim also has assisted me in facing my fears learning new ways of doing things that work for my highest good. And how to trust myself and my higher power and to look within myself for my answers. One of my biggest results is to not play small but to play big. She has taught and inspired me to own my power and manifest what I am passionate about.

Bottom line Kim is so intuitive, smart and Amazing she is a true miracle in my life. She has really assisted me to see the Light and BE the Goddess that I AM.”

– Lisa, Scottsdale

Life Transitional Counseling

“I used Kim Page to do a blueprint analysis on my business.  She properly advised me on the personality traits of my employees.  She was able to tell me their strengths and weaknesses regarding their work abilities.  This was then applied to their job duties.  The use of this knowledge has increased the efficiency and overall production in my officeThe results of applying this knowledge were immediate.  I would definitely recommend her to someone that needs to make their office more efficient.”

– Jake, Phoenix

Executive Coaching

Kim offered such a refreshing style to owning your power and the way she brings it forth just makes it land. She empowered me to finally pursue my dream. I now feel complete and am doing what I know is my soul purpose. She is absolutely amazing!”

– Jamie, Scottsdale

Soul Searching

“The best way to describe Kim is MASTERY.  She has an innate way off honing in on what you need to shift in order to create greater success and has the unique tools to help you make that shift – FAST!

In working with her, I let go of something within myself that literally had been holding me back my entire life.  Since then, nothing has been the same. I’m more peaceful, more confident and more clear about the unique value I bring to the world.  I can’t recommend Kim and her work highly enough.  She’s the real deal.

– Tai, Oakland

Career Transition Counseling

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