Everyones journey is unique. The testimonials below are from clients who have experienced their own transformation by working with me.


The best way to describe Kim is MASTERY. She has an innate way off honing in on what you need to shift in order to create greater success and has the unique tools to help you make that shift – FAST!

In working with her, I let go of something within myself that literally had been holding me back my entire life. Since then, nothing has been the same. I’m more peaceful, more confident and more clear about the unique value I bring to the world. I can’t recommend Kim and her work highly enough. She’s the real deal.”

Tai Bethune, Oakland, CA
Founder of Entrepreneurs Ignited


“Before working with Kim Page, I had worked on many interesting projects as an engineer but my career had not really taken off. In fact, I had not received a single promotion in this company since I started 7 years ago. I was seriously considering moving to a different company. I knew there was more to what I could do but I was struggling to figure out how. In my very first visit with Kim, it became apparent that she was different from other executive coaches, life & business coaches, etc. She had figured out my core talents just through speaking with me. When she shared her findings I was amazed by how accurate she was about me. She explained her process and clearly pointed out that this was not just a series of sessions for us to chat but required effort on my part too. She was going to guide me but I had to do the work. Over our sessions, I received two promotions with significant salary bumps and other monetary perks. My job duties had changed in that course of time and I was doing things I had always wanted to and it was a lot of fun. I always considered myself as confident, and I was, but this was different. My level of confidence had changed significantly and my ability to tackle challenging problems at work had also significantly grown. I have been through quite a few well recognized global leadership programs over the last 10 years of my career. I had the tools to be a good leader but Kim showed me the way.”

— AA, Scottsdale, AZ
Sr. Director of Engineering


I cannot thank Kim enough for the help, encouragement and life changing support she has given me over the last 10 months. In the last 10 months, Kim helped me to get out of a business partnership that was not serving me and start the business of my dreams, gotten in touch with my soul and divine gifts, and I have started on a truly powerful and positive path. I would recommend her program in a heartbeat!”

— Natalie Clifton
Director at Catalyst Behavior Solutions
South Ogden, U


“I used Kim Page to do a blueprint analysis on my business. Her business coaching style is refreshing. She properly advised me on the personality traits of my employees. She was able to tell me their strengths and weaknesses regarding their work abilities. This was then applied to their job duties.

The use of this knowledge has increased the efficiency and overall production in my office. The results of applying this knowledge were immediate. I would definitely recommend her to someone that needs to make their office more efficient.”

— Jake Johnstun, EA
NTPI Fellow


“Kim Page was recommended to me by my Vistage Chair and she has been a tremendous resource for me and my professional career. I have been dialoging with Kim a couple of times a month on a variety of work and personal topics. She has helped me narrow my focus and prioritize my objectives as well as communicate better with those above and below me within the company.

Her fresh perspectives and multiple insights have given me a new outlook and approach that I am grateful for. Kim will directly challenge you to be a better version of yourself, to tap into what is truly most important for you and I would highly recommend her coaching services.

— Steve Petriccione
Director Of Export Procurement


Kim Page has been a game changer for our company and for me personally.  Her approach is to understand you, your goals, strengths, and weaknesses, and then help guide you to where you want to be both personally and professionally. 

She works with our entire leadership team and our experience with Kim has been positive and measurable.  We liked her so much, we built out a suite for her in our building.  She can’t get rid of us now!

— Justin Krueger,


“Kim Page has been instrumental in getting me to make positive changes in my private practice. Some of these changes I have been thinking about doing for years but was too nervous to take the leap and I didn’t have the confidence because if it didn’t work out it would have been a financial disaster. With her guidance, I took the leap. Although she got me to the point where it no longer felt like a leap of faith but something I needed to do and I felt confidant enough to do it. It has been the best thing I have done for my business since starting it 11 years ago.

The results have been more freedom in my schedule and an increase in income. When I first started with Kim I was very unsure about the cost of her services. It seemed like a lot of money to spend especially since there are no guarantees but I tell everyone, it was money well spent on so many levels.

My increase in income is one reason. Even more importantly is the confidence I have gained in my professional and personal life. She helped me to see my strengths which I had never realized before, and my weaknesses, which she helped me to see that I had but she also helped me understand WHY I had them and how to deal with them. Kim Page has a gift that everyone would benefit from.”

— Karen Graham, RDN
Integrative and Functional Medicine Dietitian
Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner


I came to Kim looking for someone to help me navigate my career challenges. I felt immediately seen and understood for my strengths and weaknesses, in a very detailed and accurate way. I like the combination of life / work / personal coaching and focus on what makes me great vs. focus on what I’m struggling with. Since working with Kim I left an unfulfilling position and found a new position.

Jason Katz
VP of Operations


I came to Kim for help in managing my time, finding purpose in my work and looking for ways to juggle multiple competing priorities without other staff support since I am a sole proprietor without a team. I also started my own company 12-months ago and needed to learn how to navigate owning and operating my own business.

After meeting with Kim over a couple sessions I realized she has an uncanny knack to guide you in a fluid, casual but impactful way in overcoming and managing difficult situations, workload, or in dealing with challenging personalities. She understood situational issues without much detail and that was a key indicator for me to continue working with her. It doesn’t take long for Kim to understand you, what you do, and how to almost immediately implement positive change.

Other coaches or even therapists take months to fully understand your specific history/self and then it takes even longer to realize how to work together to improve your life. With Kim you almost bypass the regurgitation and lengthy “get to know you” process as she immediately jumps in and assists tremendously. She is a key ingredient to high performance and learning how to balance your life and relationships.”

— Kelly M.
Multi-Family Real Estate Developer


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