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Why you need a transformation before a career transition

During my years as a career coach in Scottsdale, I have noticed one repetitive behavior in clients who are trying to make a career transition. Unfortunately, this behavior hinders the career transition and often stalls the process. Because I come from a psychotherapy background, I’m typically the first one in your corner when it comes to making changes. However those changes needs to positive and purposeful. The adjustments you make need to move you towards the right career path and most times that requires you to go through a personal transformation.


The number one stopping block I see in clients, is something called the “Stall Out Process”. The “Stall Out Process” is about avoiding the personal transformation required to move into the next level. While I understand the desire to move towards a career that gives more fulfillment, this is not just about getting a new job. This is about becoming a different person. Understand, I’m not suggesting changing who you are at a core level. I challenge my clients to become more of who they really are on the inside. We do this together by digging in and discovering the talents, value and gifts you haven’t given yourself credit for owning. Once we determine these traits, we’ll leverage them to get you into the right positions.

I see people “Stall Out” all the time! Instead of focusing on their own transformation they focus on things that make sense, but don’t really identify who they are. For example, they focus on building up their resumes or reaching out to their communities of who knows who and what jobs might be available. While, I’m not suggesting these are negative things. I’m suggesting you’re missing the step that comes before a career transition, which is transformation. This is why people spend 1 year or 2 going through some sort of a transition.

In some cases the career that you transition into will be created by you! In other words, there isn’t a resume for the position because you’re the one that will blaze the trail. One of my clients actually did this. She came from a health industry and was extremely frustrated with the way her previous company was run. During our discussions, she expressed how things could be done differently from an operational perspective. After doing some research, she created a huge platform that not only solved her personal frustrations in the health industry, but for other companies as well. My point is that there wasn’t a resume for this client. Through the transformation process she dug into why she was so dissatisfied and innovated her own career transition.

If you bypass the career transformation and head straight for the career transition you ultimately make a bi-lateral move, making the same money and having the same problems. My challenge for you is to put down your resumes, slow down on connecting and ask yourself internal questions that drive change. Instead of calling someone to ask for a job, give yourself the opportunities to ask these questions: why you are so discontent, why do you have all this stirring.



  1.  Why am I so DISSATISFIED?
  2.  What is the RESTLESSNESS I feel inside about?
  3.  What makes me most UNHAPPY?
  4.  When am I most FRUSTRATED at work? 


I hope this helps you understand how important it is to really dig deep into yourself before making a career transition. When you identify the values and talents you have suppressed, a whole new world of career opportunities arise. If you’d like to learn more about my services or talk to me about CAREER COACHING possibilities, give me a ring: (801) 726-1849.


Many of my clients get promotions within 90 days, see an increase in their income from $20K – $100K a year and start the business of their dreams.